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About VsichkiRemonti.bg


VsichkiRemonti.bg  is free of charge internet platform for all types of repairs – home, car, appliances etc.!

VsichkiRemonti.bg includes the following service categories:


  • Vehicle repairs;


  • Machinery and equipment repairs;


  • Renovation, support and construction of buildings and facilities;


  • Any other repairs and servicescloths, shoes, watches, jewels repairs etc.


VsichkiRemonti.bg provides the following FREE services:


  • Registration of repair Professionals, establishment and management of detailed professional profiles;


  • Registration of users, who need repair specialists;


  • Connection of users, who need repair specialists with Professionals providing repair services;


  • Publishing of an unlimited number of Requests for repair;


  • Opportunity for the Professionals to hunt up appropriate job in the published Repair requests.


  • Rating system for evaluating professionals;


  • Opportunity for giving an opinion or a comment under every Professional profile;


  • English version of the platform VsichkiRemonti.bg (Translation of the platform VsichkiRemonti.bg in English) and an opportunity for the Professionals to translate their profiles.



9 things that make the platform VsichkiRemonti.bg unique:

1. VsichkiRemonti.bg is 100% free, no strings attached.

2. If you are a repair business owner or specialist, it takes 5 minutes to register and to set up your Professional profile.

3. Many competitors allow businesses to pay in order to show up at the top of their listings. We don't. We believe that every Professional should be at the top because he/she deserves it and provides outstanding services, not because he/she has the most financial resources.

4. VsichkiRemonti.bg uses automated software to rank the results which are found when searching of Professionals. This software arranges the search results by different criteria, depending on the choice of the user. Thus, our technology helps the user to rank the review of the catalog as helpful.

5. We check each and every company profile created on VsichkiRemonti.bg within 24 hours of its creation, to ensure quality and authenticity.

6. All reviews submitted by users are checked by our editorial team before publishing. We do everything we can to filter out reviews that are fake, biased, spam (and trust us, we get plenty of those!).

7. We listen to your feedback. We have different forms for contact with customer and we are grateful when dear users show us errors or when they enrich the information on our platform in different  ways. We work constantly to improve the quality of  our service, to add new functionalities that can benefit all of the users and improve your overall experience of our project.

8. Your privacy is our top concern. If you want to remove your listing, contact us and we will promptly deal with your request.

9. VsichkiRemonti.bg has an English version in order to help the international users and offers them the opportunity they to translate their profiles and their business activities.



About us

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Who we are and why we did it?

My family has four members - me, my wife and our two children. My wife and I are both with professional education in finance. From 1998 until now I am working with a contract of employment, my wife was a clerk a few years ago.

When my wife lost her job again three years ago, she was no longer able to find another. It probably happens to many professionals who dropped out of the labor market after the age of 40 - they are no longer more competitive than younger people, unless they have some unique skills. In general my wife is an active person and after the initial shock of her staying at home, we decided that we should do something to feel useful.

... We have a friend - a repair specialist, who lives in the Netherlands. He uses a very convenient internet platform for finding customers for his business and when once we met, he told us about this site and about the thought of making such a platform in our country where those who seek repair services can meet those who offer repair services. We always strive to be positive, to have fun, to help, to be useful with what we do, while we learn new skills. The idea of our friend immediately captured us. At that time some terrible natural disasters had happened in Bulgaria and around the world… And then suddenly we understood what we must do. There are many ways for a person to feel useful. We chose this. And that’s how we started.

In principle we are of those people who try to work more and talk less. But in a completely unknown to all of us sphere we had to collect thousand points of view. We consulted with many professionals and we spent a lot of time together to clarify the idea for the site. While thinking about how everything will happen - the children also took part in the project with some original and very practical ideas. If you have children and you have not yet consulted with them on the "big" issues such as politics, finance, business, then hurry up, you'll be surprised how many new things you can learn. After a lot of fun disputes we agreed that all professionals from the garage and the repairman, to the large companies, must be in one place, and consumers who seek repair services, to be able to find what they need quickly and easily in a convenient online platform. And it must be FREE for all users.

Because of our profession, one of the most important things for us was naturally drafting of a plan and a budget of the website but these concepts are quite stretchable and even illusional. They are rather a wish how processes should happen in the project. Unfortunately, all the initial plans we drew up, underwent substantial change. After we changed several web programmers at one moment we got desperate. Neither the plan nor the budget, were kept. We spent quite a lot of money, and the result was zero. At that moment we were a step of quitting.

But ... people should always look forward. After two years of wandering, finally we found the right people - our partners.

No matter we did not work out with the first and second IT specialists we received valuable advices from them and I sincerely thank them for everything!                                                  



Our team

Today our team consists of talented, highly qualified and experienced individuals who selflessly help us to achieve our goals in delivering quality services to people and repair business. There are professionals from various fields behind this project - web development and support, analysis and data processing, law, online marketing, customer service, and experienced translators in different languages.


Our values

Enthusiasm, integrity, consistency, customer focus, innovation and maintenance of quality service outline the framework of everything we do.

These values are leading in any conversation; in every decision we make; in every interaction, both among our team members and between us and our customers.


Our future endeavor (Our mission)

From now on, every day, we will strive to:

• Help people to find the right repair specialist according to their criteria;

• Help owners of repair business to find new customers;

 • Find out what is good for consumers and to try and provide it.

There may be no answer yet, but we'll find it. We may do not have the time, but we'll make it. May be we are not the biggest, but we'll be the most committed to your success!

If everyone, who performs repair services or needs those, join VsichkiRemonti.bg now by registering – he/she will support the creation and expansion of useful network for repairs, connecting Demand with Supply of repair services. That will certainly result in significant benefits - on the one hand the improvement of this type of services for consumers, and on the other - the promotion of better and verified repair services and specialists.

We hope to spread the idea quickly with your help and to begin the fulfillment of its purpose in full force!


Our motto:

We do things with love!